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Descriptive Essay Writing Assignments

Descriptive essay writing assignments

This descriptive essay assignment requires students to describe an object in a kitchen, specifically describing everything from characteristics to appearance.
Admittedly, this descriptive essay did not turn out into the standards of a university student, but i will work hard to improve myself to reach a higher standard

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For a descriptive essay assignment, you shouldn’t need lots of citations. You should simply repeat the basic information that comes from the museum label, which doesn't need to be cited as these attributes count as "common knowledge". But if you find yourself making use of other sources (and you shouldn’t, if you are doing the assignment correctly), then citations are an important way of avoiding accidental plagiarism.

Assignment # 1: Descriptive Essay The Descriptive Narrative Essay assignment is meant to introduce you to the process of writing an essay of 2-4 pages in length.

IMPORTANT: Do not copy anything else from the museum label. Not only is it not in line with the intention of the descriptive essay assignment, but there may even be errors on it, as sometimes installations stay in place for many years, even as new information comes to be known about the works. In addition, the intent of a museum label is often to summarize the research of various scholars in order to contextualize the work in time, place, and in relation to other examples of the same kind of art. The descriptive essay is not about doing this. There is no need to contextualize the work; it should be treated as an end in itself.

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